New Music Video - Lonely

Simple. Stunning.

What a beautiful day for filming a music video on a NYC roof top. Here's a little back story to this video:

We traveled to New York at the beginning of September for a week long tour of live shows and such, right around the date that Handsome Moves dropped. Just before our trip, as we were working in Venice with Mophonics, we told them we were going to NYC so they immediately put us in cahoots with the Mophonics office in Manhattan. The city scape that we were so fortunate to behold was right out the back door of their NYC studio/office/swank stadium. We played a show on the roof a couple days before filming and told the director, Paul Trillo, that this would likely be our best option.

Fast forward to film day.

It's kind of late in the afternoon and the sun is moving quickly. Paul pulls two Zentai lycra body suits out of his roller bag and gives them to us. Steven gets Blue, Paige gets Green. "Just stand there," Paul says, "you look awesome. I also brought this rope if we want to use it." We find that it's best not to try and think to hard about the next shot, but rather just do whatever we have time to do before the sun goes down.

"Yeah do that again," Paul says as he focuses his camera, "I wanna see what it looks like when you two choke each other." (actual quote)

This was definitely one of the most fun shoots we could have asked for. We are so happy with the way it turned out and we want to thank Paul Trillo for battling Superstorm Sandy in order to finish the video on time for our premier party at El Cid. He is able to do so much with so little, it is simply amazing. Bravo. Enjoy.