The Peach Kings are my little love couple, and I adore the romance of a man and woman who make music together.
— Drew Barrymore

A sultry and sweet pair. Paige Wood and Steven Dies.

Formed in California but existing elsewhere. Crispy velvet-dipped pieces of psychedelic doo-wop soul, electric riff country and interstellar outlaw jazz.

Together they have aggregated their influences and landed between genres, citing inspiration from artists like PJ Harvey, Gary Numan, Nancy Sinatra, The Cramps, Lee Hazelwood, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Led Zeppelin, DEVO, and Portishead. The Peach Kings live in a sweet spot between the polish and the dirt, the glide and the swagger, the analog and the digital.

Representing the new vanguard of independent music, the band has demonstrated what it takes to be successful without label support. They have worked their way into the world of TV and Movies, landing their music in shows like Boardwalk Empire and Shameless, and several movies.

They continue to self-release music and videos from their Los Angeles digs, and are able to tug on the ears of prominent tastemakers throughout the industry. The band was photographed by Drew Barrymore for a feature with V Magazine and MTV, alongside Warpaint, M83, The Drums, Mac Miller, and Lord Huron.

While the music speaks for itself, major artists like Cyndi Lauper and The Heavy hand picked The Peach Kings to accompany them on US tours, placing the band in front of sold out crowds in some of the country's most prestigious venues.

The Peach Kings’ brand of Americana noir gets headier with every EP, and if there isn’t a brand of liquor called ‘Mojo Thunder’ yet, somebody better get distilling.