Music Video "Dirty Secret"


A heartwrenching tale of a misunderstood man and the love of his life. 


We would like to thank the dedicated cast and crew who put this all together:

Fritz Donnelly

Store Manager
John Morrison

Guy with Phone
Nate Myers

Writer/Director/Casting/Supermarket Hunter - Paul Trillo (@paultrillo)
Director of Photography - Drew Levin  (@delving)
Camera Operator - Keith Ferreira  (@steadishot)
Additional Camera Work - Ambrose Eng
Assistant Camera - Adam Roberts
Gaffer - Nikita Carpenter
Grip - Ian Herman
Art Director - Andy Eukland

Produced by Trillo Films with Silent Dog Pictures
Production Coordinator - Chris Casey  (@imchriscasey)
AD & Production Coordinator - Jesse Leonard

Special Thanks To Marketplace of Bushwick


Would we still be making this music without your support? Maybe, but it would be way less fun and less gratifying. Would we be dedicating our own money into creating these music videos? Probably not. But as long as we feel the love and support, we will keep taking that leap of faith and producing this art. 


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