We are always stoked beyond infinity when we get to hang out with Paul Trillo. You may know him as the director/creator of some of our other videos (Thieves & Kings, Lonely), or you may have seen his work across the interwebz. He has a razor sharp aesthetic with abilities to match; it's such an immense pleasure working (ha!) with him.

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Shooting this most recent video, for the upcoming track "Be Around", we were able have fun with some toys of tv magic. Also want to thank the guys at Funkhaus in DTLA for letting us crash their place. Pro!

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We don't want to give too much away, but Paul's concept for this video matches the mood and lyrics of the song so well, it's a music video at it's finest. No cheese.

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The inspiration for this video came from still photography. This double exposure trick in photos has been around forever and some artists are doing really cool stuff with it. However, as Paul brilliantly pointed out, it's hasn't really been explored in motion picture. UNTIL NOW!! And boy is there a lot that can be done.

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We are all about textures.

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Desert silhouettes

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A lot of the filming for the video was done by Paul on his travels with his camera. He was half-hunting-half-finding landscapes, objects, fabrics, and whatever else he could film that would look cool in this application. Of course, anything with that Paul Trillo touch looks awesome. We can't wait to show y'all!