For anyone who has been watching HBO's Boardwalk Empire (season 4) on Sunday nights since September, our song Thieves & Kings has, to our glee, basically become the theme song for the show.

Back when this came out before the season began

We were doing flips when we hear/saw our music go together with this trailer. We get so inspired by cinema, it was surreal to see such a monstrous show with so much swagger use our song to match the mood of prohibition era rum runners shootin' tommy guns and murdering good guys. Good stuff. The stuff of which inspirato is made.

So we thought that was the extent of our tango with Boardwalk (we're on a first name basis now) and since we don't actually have HBO, we were unaware of what was about to happen. .. 

After a couple episodes, the plot starts to thicken and the show makers want to make sure the viewer is up to speed. Cue: PREVIOUSLY ON BOARDWALK EMPIRE... Dum-da-da-daah-dum-dum- Dununuh!  (that's what the guitar riff of Thieves & Kings looks like phonetically)  

We had friends calling us to tell us they heard the track and couldn't believe it, and week after week, 'previously on' after 'previously on', Thieves & Kings is literally the fighting music/anthem you hear before every episode airs on Sundays.